The story behind Hugo Loves Tiki unisex brand, was influenced by travel across Europe, healthy lifestyle and cool foreign expressions. The designer is completely in love with foreign languages and thinks of her family travels often for inspiration. She really wanted her son Hugo to learn a

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I love you to the sun, the moon, the stars, and back! :) Stephen is wearing: Je T’aime script snapback cap –  Whistle & Flute Kawaii Cloud baseball raglan T-shirt – Whistle & Flute Zara Jeans Photos: Alexandre Paskanoi        


Peace out Friday, the weekend is coming! Stephen is wearing – BADGER + RUE  leggings and Make Peace, Not War raglan pullover Me –Marc by Marc Jacobs Tee and Blank Denim leggings Photos – Alexandre Paskanoi


Forget normal, be you! Badger and Rue is a new kids clothing company that was launched this year in July. Every piece is inspired by the kids personality and nature. I fell in love with every garment from their various collections, all prints

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Most of my outfits are inspired by the accessories that I wear, especially sunglasses. My favorite frames are the Ray-Ban aviators and I love them in E V E R Y   C O L O R Stephen and I are

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I doubt if I ever kept a blog without his photos… He is the most stubborn, and determined person that I know. Always aims for the best results no matter the situation… Sometimes it gets a bit “frustrating” but when I see the final

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I am so thrilled to introduce you this cool summer collaboration of Vans & Disney! In case if you haven’t heard of it yet, I’m posting you some pics and the info about this footwear and apparel collection dedicated to the Young at Heart.

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I don’t think that there is any other character in the fashion industry who can compete with the legendary Iris Apfel. Her eccentric personal style and an impeccable taste for details, color patterns and an extraordinary jewelry collection has overshadowed most of the powerful

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When Stephen turned One, I really wanted him to wear something fun and memorable since we were obviously going to take tons of pictures! I found out about Whistle & Flute Clothing on Instagram from some of the cool moms that

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On a beautiful day like today we felt that we were not close enough to the sun, so we climbed to the roof and snapped a few pics of the outfit I was wearing. Denim shorts were always my favorite

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Mother’s day is almost in two days and I have to say that I am so happy/lucky/blessed that I am celebrating this wonderful holiday with my son. I’ve mentioned recently in my BIO page, that I will be adding a lot

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To be honest, I was never a fan of diaper bags, even if it’s a luxury brand it s still looks like you are carrying a bunch of diapers. I’d rather carry a beach bag! I often put my baby stuff

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Today I have a very special guest on the blog ;) He only agreed to be featured if we would match our outfits and show one of his favorite toys. Happy Thursday everyone! Wearing: Jacket: Madewell Shoes: Nike Air Max Falcons: One

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No sun, No problem… I can always find a nice yellow wall to pretend it’s bright & sunny outside. Still being loyal to my favorite neutral gray combo (Madewell sweatshirt & pants, J.Crew coat) paired with white Nike Air Max 90 shoes. (Minimal, “off duty”

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Lately I’ve been feeling like Chilly Willy who lives in Alaska and attempts to stay warm… This cold weather is playing tricks on us here in Canada, but hopefully we can all switch to the spring wardrobe by the next week…

Judith & Charles - Montreal - Alexandre Paskanoi Fashion Photography - Miu Koridi Fashion Blog

This post is somewhat less comparable to the previous outfit photos that we worked on before with Alexandre Paskanoi. Even though my current lifestyle is super laid-back, I mostly wear jeans and sneakers, but I sometimes feel/want/miss wearing an “office” look and

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Now that I am not traveling alone :) I am packing less of my clothes to leave more space for the toys and diapers… It’s so easy when you bring less things and you actually end up wearing them differently if

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Montreal - Alexandre Paskanoi Fashion Photography

Can you feel the spring coming our way? I have been looking for some of the new items to refresh my wardrobe, it’s been a while since I actually wore a dress and some serious high heel sandals. (I know I

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Another spontaneous outfit post, and in case you already miss Christmas ;) I am bringing it back in this happy hour! It was  one of those days when you just feel like postpone things and dash through the snow for a

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Dedicating this post for my love of neutrals and breaking it with a little pop of color (yellow pear & green sunnies)  Neither too cool nor too warm ;)   FYI: The spontaneous name of this post was borrowed from

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