I just received a cute little package from Net-a-Porter, and decided to post it on my blog. I’m very excited to wear it! It’s a simple white tee shirt with “Kate Mousse” print and a little red circle on the right shoulder. I had two reasons to buy it. First, is that I found the print very unique and fashionable. Kate Mosse’s face with mouse ears! How cute is that? And the second reason is that 50% of all the sales will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross earthquake appeal. That cute little red circle is an indicator of the cause. (It signifies Japanese flag)


Unfortunately, some of the sizes are not available on net-a-porter, but I’ve made a small research about the designer and came across this website.  http://www.youngbritishdesigners.com/designers/newgen/simeon-farrar/

You can find the same tees in different colors with the same print, but not in “Japanese Red Cross Edition”. However, they still have a good selection by that designer.

Simeon Farrar is a young British designer who trained in Fine Art and has been a painter for the last 10 years. All the garments are hand finished or dyed and quite often the prints are washed before they have time to dry, and so rinse away into the fabric. The result is that each piece is very unique.