Lately I’ve been obsessed with red hues. It’s an intermix of drama and cheer, sex and vital fluids. I came across this Lancel canvas bag at Ogilvy and I just couldn’t resist to walk away without buying it. I was so excited by it’s bright red color, that decided to do my nails in the same hue. To be honest, this brand was never on my wish list. But after my purchase I’ve made a little research and decided to post what I’ve learned.

Lancel was created by the boldly enterprising couple in 1876. It was one of the first accessories brands in the hustle and bustle of young Paris. It is known, that Parisians have a flair for fashion, and sixth sense for elegance and seduction. Lancel is the French Légèreté, freedom, irreverence and vitality. It takes unparalleled expertise to embrace modern design in an authentically crafted product. Lancel does both, making tradition and heritage are the  synonyms with fashionable bags that move with times.