Looks like celebs have found a new addiction! It’s fresh, ingenious, and new on the market. The brand is called Bleulab. L.A.-based denim studio literally revolutionized the whole idea of denim wear. They have created totally reversible jeans. Now we no longer have to worry about getting dirty or washing our denim. We can just turn it inside out :)

Both sides have pockets, zippers and regular closures. You can find them on this website. http://www.singer22.com/bleulab.html

And don’t forget to check out their best seller, The Granite. It was last seen on a reality star Courtney Kardashian. She looked cool and comfy in her Bleulabs.

The choice of two pops of loud color in one pair & an effortless look for any occasion – isn’t it what you were looking for?