Sexy, ironic & very feminine – that is how Alberto Guardiani described his spontaneous invention Lèvres de luxe.

It was a dream that became a reality. The designer’s wife was the main inspiration for his unusual idea. At first it seemed like an impossible task, but their passion and irony transformed it into reality.

I found this article in Italian Vogue for February 2011. There are 5 pages that were dedicated to his 30th anniversary. It’s called The story of a playful dreamer. The reason I mentioned it on my blog is that last week I was shopping for a new pair of shoes at Browns in Montreal & I came across that same pair of lèvres de luxe! I wasn’t brave enough to buy them, :) but at least I got a chance to hold them in my hands and study every inch of that famous lipstick heel!!!!

Enjoy my pics.