It’s not surprising that we see bright colors everywhere this season. Whenever I am wearing a gray, black or white outfit, I still prefer to add a drop of color to it. I accessorize it with bright shades. I have a “mini” collection of sunglasses, that I really love. There is something mysterious when you see a person wearing shades. Every pair is very different, it has its own character. And when you wear them, it transforms you into a different world.
We recently did a photo shoot with my team, and we decided to create an original look that will complement the color of this Carrera vintage shape frames. The make up artist Ekaterina Ulyanoff Mua did a great job by applying many Swarovsky sparkling white crystals to the lips of a model. It was a very delicate job let me tell you, :) but she did it well! And I really like how every sparkle was beautifully captured by the photographer Alexandre Paskanoi.
I like the combination of sporty and stylish. The fur shawl adds a bit of drama to the whole look. I was also very pleased to find out that Carrera sunglasses are the latest trend among the celebrities. I spotted it on the Stylefind website. Check it out.
“Colorful Frames CELEB INSPIRATION: ELLE MACPHERSON Bright styles may be intimidating but we love the way Elle went for an oversize aviator style with a dark lens—the look is fun and slightly retro. The cheerful hue and vintage shape feel equal parts sporty and stylish.”