Karl Lagerfeld is a true artist and an amazing designer who doesn’t stop surprising us with his creations. I was very inspired and pleased by his latest collection of Eye-wear Chanel Prestige.

The campaign is pure simplicity, and it is presented in black and white minimalist approach. The designer had to sketch himself the whole collection of eye-wear where he thought of every single detail. Pearls, the classic Chanel quilted effect and especially a chain theme evocative of the handle on Chanel handbags, accent the modern frames. The oversize cat-eye frames are available in taupe, grey and blue hues.

And did I forget to mention that Claudia Schiffer is the new face of this campaign? I really like how it is presented, and that it’s actually missing the latest aggressive androgynous effect. It is serious, yet very simple. The black and white camellia flower on Claudia’s head combines the two elements of softness and simplicity, and it adds a discreet pureness to the whole look.

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