“Aint no jeans wide enough” – Rachel Zoe.

It’s summer, and we see bright colors and breezy textures everywhere. But I am still in a mood for some lightweight denim that I can pair with a crisp white tank top or a pop-colored shirt. There is something about that never ending wide leg shape that instantly makes me look super-tall every time I wear my denim! I can wear it with really high platforms or high-heels that will be well hidden under that long wide leg.

Wide leg denim is a must-have in every fashionista’s wardrobe. The flattering body-hugging and instantly lengthening look can fit every body shape. It is comfortable, yet very feminine. You can pair it with a lot of pieces in your wardrobe. It can be suitable for any occasion, whether it’s for a day at the office or an evening at the lounge. I really like the combination of a wide leg denim and a classic blazer. I got inspired by Katie Holmes when I saw how she wore her denim with a white bouclé blazer and a loose silk blouse. Celebrities know better when it comes to trends and style! I also like how Audrina Patridge wore her wide leg jeans by tagging her top inside and highlighting her svelte figure.

I came across a similar style wide leg denim at the Dynamite store, it feels and looks great on the body, and I didn’t even have to spend too much on it to look and feel like a celebrity!

More splash, less cash!

Katie wide leg Dynamite Audrina

Katie wide leg, Dynamite, Audrina.


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