– With a strong retro feel, many famous designers rolled out lots of polka dots styles in their Spring/Summer 2011 fashion shows.  (fashionfame.com)

– Fall 2011 focus – DOT TO DOT… How to fast track your look into fall? Join the dots. (net-a-porter.com)

When I think of polka dots, I have many different words in my mind to describe this classic and timeless print. It is stylish, cute, playful, youthful, sophisticated, feminine, elegant, adorable, and very sexy. Most importantly it can never go out of style, and  it can be differently interpreted every other season of the year.

What I like about polka dots is that this print can be worn in many different ways: formal and casual. You can wear polka dots dresses to the office and on the weekends. The size does not matter :-) I mean the size and the color of the print! Bigger and fewer dots can create a youthful and adorable look. Whereas the smaller dots will look more classic and sophisticated…

Olivia Palermo, Christina Aguilera and Kate Winslet  wearing polka dot trend

Olivia Palermo, Christina Aguilera and Kate Winslet (in Stella McCartney) wearing polka dot trend

Polka dot print can be used in clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Also, I find that this print can be worn by different age groups from the cute teens to the elegant twenties, and the sophisticated forties.

Make sure not to mix your polka dots with other prints, it will create a very “busy” look. However, you can still add a drop of color to your style – try the red, blue, yellow or orange hues. You can also mix this print with some neutral colors like beige, grey or peach.

Rihanna in polka dot print top

Celebrities in polka dot print trend 2011

This Dynamite dress (>>>) is very similar to what Christina Aguilera was wearing for her appearance at the NBC 2011-12 upfront presentation (see above). She wore her sleeveless halter neck dress to highlight the playful side of her character. I find that this dress is very versatile, you can wear it during the summer with bright colored peep toe pumps, or during the fall with opaque tights and leather ankle-strap sandals paired with a cropped leather jacket.

Dynamite Polka Dot Print Dress

Dynamite Polka Dot Print Dress


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