Say HELLO to the season’s hottest shade – red, or if you prefer to call it crimson, vermilion, cherry, poppy or sanguine… Red is a perfect color to wear for Fall. I find that this lush shade suits many people and it brightens up the whole look.

The little red dress or some may call it the LRD, is a new replacement of a little black dress. Of course, I am not trying to convince anyone of forgetting or putting aside their LBDs, but it is time for a small change. I find that red dresses are equally as flattering as the black ones. Depending on your skin complexion, you can pick the tone you prefer, from the lighter to the darker shades of red.

Many celebrities have already got their hands on the red frocks. It’s not surprising, because this shade has always been the definition of glamour and chic, especially in Hollywood. My favorite actress Mila Kunis (Friends with Benefits) prefers to wear red dresses to her movie premiers. This color really suits her and highlights her brunette locks.

Mila Kunis in Red Dress Trend 2011

Mila Kunis in Red Dress Trend 2011

Even if you are not on the red carpet, you can still rock your LRD! There are so many interesting styles to choose from, and so many ways to wear it.

Fall 2011 Trend - Red Dresses

Fall 2011 Trend – Red Dresses


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