Delano Design Montreal
Gallery Boutique
70 St-Paul Street
Old Montreal

During one of my weekend strolls in the Old Montreal I decided to visit one boutique that really caught my eye. I have to say, I was very surprised by the variety of fashionable pieces that this trendy place has to offer. To be honest, I didn’t know that there are so many talented designers in Montreal. I am guilty to admit of not buying enough clothes from the local designers, but this visit really changed my point of view. Besides many popular European 122 DESIGN brands, this boutique has an interesting collection assortment of Montreal-based designers. It is impossible to walk out empty handed from this place, the choice is really tempting. There is an eye-catching selection of headpieces, and very current and edgy styles of Michael Kors ankle boots and wedge heels. I also liked the selection of perfect-cut elegant jumpsuits (which are by the way, a key piece for the season).

And while I was there, I enjoyed the artsy atmosphere of the store. Paintings on the brick walls and interesting pieces of furniture next to the neatly arranged garment racks didn’t really create a routine retail experience for me; instead I felt like I was in a very warm and welcoming place…

I’ve picked three outfits from the Montreal designers; here is the first one. I loved this crochet lace tunic dress! It is such an easy fit, yet it looks very stylish. I find that these black suede knee-high boots and the black fur collar complete the whole look. I have a feeling, Rachel Zoe would approve my choice :)

And here is one of the aforementioned cool jumpsuits that I liked. The fabric is so soft and it fits like a glove. Perfect for one of those lazy days when you don’t know what to wear, but still want to look glamorous ;)
I like how the belt adds a definition to this “all-in-one” piece. BTW, they have a huge collection of Art Deco leather belts, from skinny silver-plated to wide waist trainer belts… The black suede ankle boots are the latest from Michael Kors. Very comfy.

This look has bit of a drama feeling to it. I really liked the gloves and the hat. Also designed in Montreal. I am not a big fan of hats, but I liked how this one looked on me. I have to say, that each of the three outfits created a different look and feeling for me. All in all, it was such a great experience!
Also, if you happen to visit Delano Design boutique, ask for Elyse Gabbay (the manager and the stylist), she will help you out to pick the latest and the coolest outfit.
Thank you Elyse ;)


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