Even though it’s getting chilly outside, I am still happy because it is time for my favorite leather jacket! I missed you a lot pal! We had so much fun last year, I felt almost inseparable with you. Days and nights were never the same without you :)

Here is my small tribute to the leather jacket. I am glad that it’s time for this must-have piece. Most of you will agree with me on this thought. It is such a versatile piece and it is so easy to wear. It looks perfect with jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts, dressy pants and leggings. And what I like about it is that it gives an edge to every outfit. I love to wear mine with black Ray-Ban Wayfarers; I find that these two were made for each other. If you pair them with whatever you wear, you’ll get a lot of compliments on your look.

But there are so many different styles of leather jackets. Let me share a few…

Here are some pics of how our favorite celebs wear their leather jackets. Get inspired ;)


Emma Watson Poppy Delevigne and Rachel in leather jackets

Emma, Poppy Delevigne and Rachel in leather jackets

I love how these three young and hip fashionistas wear their leather jackets. Each of them has a different look. Emma Watson gave a bit of an edgy attitude to her playful tartan dress, Poppy Delevigne blended her “all denim” outfit with the slick leather jacket and Rachel Bilson toughened up her cocktail mini with the biker version. Why NOT?!

BTW, I found a similar style as Rachel Bilson’s leather jacket. It looks very stylish and edgy. You can get it online at the Dynamite store.



Here is my favorite look. There is something about how she wears it! Mary-Kate Olsen is a true fashion expert. She’s always ahead of the upcoming trends, yet she is often seen in “one of her many” leather jackets. She looks so cool in her shades and a knit black beanie.

Love it!

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in Paris, France


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