Non c’è Arte senza Amore!

Every artist has a story behind his creation. Love leads the path through their heart and soul when they decide what to paint or draw.

Few days ago I was lucky to attend an impassioned and motley exhibition Barrieres Through Love by Yunus Chkirate ( It was launched at my favorite Boutique Galerie Delano Design (previously mentioned on my blog >>>) in Old Montreal.

I’ve met a lot of interesting and dynamic people including Kat Coric (the  artist’s agent, mentor and a good friend), Elyse Gabbay, (the Boutique’s manager and stylist) and Montreal’s fashion designer Dimitri Chris. The atmosphere of the event was felicitous and warm. The guests mingled freely with each other sipping white wine, observing and discussing the artist’s latest “emotionally charged” series.

After speaking to Yunus in person, I’ve learned a lot of new and interesting things about his personality. The most important quality of his passionate character is the generosity. It is always good to hear and to see when someone shares not only his talent with the others, but also his heart.  A portion of the proceeds from the sales obtained on the opening night of the exhibition was donated to Montréal’s Maison Plein Coeur.

You can find more information on Yunus Chkirate’s art on his website that I’ve indicated above, or if you live in Montreal you could find them at the Boutique Galerie Delano Design.





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