Butterflies have always been my favorite motif in art and fashion. I have purposely picked the butterfly to symbolize my blog.

They represent the beauty, the femininity, and the spring. In many cultures butterflies define the resurrection and the freedom, as well as the reincarnations of the souls. Today, they are widely used in various objects of art and jewelry.

In fashion, I keep noticing more and more prints with colorful butterflies. They have become an inspiration source for many designers like Loewe, Bluemarine, Alexander McQueen and John Galliano. Butterfly print has emerged out of lots of animal prints in a great way. I love to see this print applied on the flowy dresses, the blouses and especially on the silk scarfs.
Personally, I think that the butterflies can never go out of style. They are classic, feminine, carefree and timeless!

During my visit to the Art Basel Miami, I have noticed that many artists used butterflies in their objects of art, (paintings and pictures). To many, butterflies symbolize love, humanity, souls and rebirth.

Enjoy my pictures!


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