We only have three days until the BIG 2012 New Year’s celebration.

For some of us the dilemma of picking that special dress still involves some serious searching… Many astrologists recommend to celebrate the 2012 Year of the Dragon in something ultra sexy and flashy! And even if many designers are also supporting this idea, they suggest that we must not forget about the “long-lived” classic options.
To me, it is a great excuse not to limit myself in my choices…
Here are some of my personally picked party looks for the New Year’s celebration.

The simplicity

Don’t be afraid of that word. Even if it’s all sparkly and shiny around you, people will still notice you in your LBD! The simple black, red or chocolate dress will only highlight your feminine figure. Opt for a body-hugging dresses with an open back or a revealing décolleté. It will only compensate the minimal simplicity of your dress and will emphasize your sex-appeal. When you wear a dress like that, you can experiment with accessories as much as you want to. Think bright clutch and some statement jewellery, like a chunky necklace or some oversized earrings.



Even if dragons have no “epidermal” growths, we can still celebrate their arrival in feathers. I personally think that feathers are perfect for the New Year’s Eve Celebration. I don’t mind to feel like a white (or a black) swan during the Final Countdown!


All that Glitters

I have to say that I was never a huge fan of sequins and glitters. But, I believe that in three days this is exactly what I will be wearing when I will meet and greet my Dragon! I mean why not?! Dragons adore everything “fish scales”. Besides, the next big trend for the Spring 2012 will be the aquatic theme! That means I can wear my New Year’s outfit for more than few times! ;)


The Tux Love

For the more conservative ladies I can suggest pairing a tuxedo jacket with the dress of your choice. When you wear this masculine piece with a short dress or a mini-skirt it looks very appealing. This makes me think of the famous Yves Saint Laurent, when he said that there is nothing sexier than seeing a woman wearing a gentleman’s smoking!



Oh, how much I love the easiness of the jumpsuit. This is another alternative to the cocktail dress. If you pick this option, it is so easy to accessorize, all you need is a pair of sexy pumps and some jewellery. Ready, set, go! When you pick your jumpsuit keep in mind these details – lace, solid colors (black, creamy, beige, red and navy), wide leg for a sleek silhouette, flowing fabrics (silk-georgette, crepe, satin).


Luxurious Velvet

Velvet is another option for celebrating the New Year’s Eve in style. First of all, it will keep you warm without looking so… This rich texture screams nothing but chic. I think that any color looks great in velvet. If you are a velvet lover, try picking your dress or skirt in deep tones like vermilion red, royal blue or emerald. These colors will complement any skin complexion.


They say that how you will greet and celebrate the New Year’s arrival, is exactly how you will spend it.

I happen to believe and respect that tradition and I always want to look and feel great when I celebrate my New Year’s Eve, no matter where I am in my life.

I want to thank all of you for reading and following my blog, and wish you all a very happy and stylish New Year. I do hope that in 2012 all your dreams and wishes will come true!


See you next year!!!!!!!!!!








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