Miu Koridi Marie Saint Pierre


While the city is prepping for the 24th Montreal Fashion Week,  (February 4 to 7 2013) I got a chance to interview one of the most famous Montreal designers and fashion icons – Marie Saint Pierre. Introducing the Spring /Summer 2013 Collection:


Miu K:  Your unique sense of style is what have become your signature for years. You are known for working with extraordinary fabrics using the contemporary artistic technique to create volume and movement.


You use a lot of neutral colors in your collections, especially black.

–       What makes black the color of your choice?

M S P:  I like neutral colors because it is such a wonderful canvas for me as a designer and the wearer. It is also a very practical choice in terms of longevity and investment. You can bring in colors throughout accessories and make up.


Miu K:  In your Spring/Summer 2013 collection, you have added the neon hues like fuchsia, coral and turquoise to lighten up the neutral tones, what was your main inspiration for this collection?

M S P:  I wanted to reinterpret certain classics such as the trench coat, the tuxedo and the mini skirt. The ambition with this collection was to offer a re-mastered technicality to an otherwise classic interpretation. As for the color, my inspiration for this collection comes from acid wash colors from the 80’s punk era in London.


Miu K:  Each time when you create your collection what inspires you the most – music, movies, art?

M S P:  Everything inspires me! I find ideas just by looking around me. Fortunately, I learned at a very young age that there is an infinite way to look at things and that perspective can change the nature of what you are looking at. Therefore, my biggest problem is to manage all those images. In other words, commit to a vision, an aesthetic and a style.


Miu K:  What type of music do you prefer?

M S P:  Music has always played a very important role in my life. I have always been an avid listener and I have very eclectic taste; everything from French to lounge, techno, classical or opera. Having a sixteen years old daughter who is also a music addict, I can stay connected with today’s music industry.


Miu Koridi Marie Saint Pierre


Miu K:  In 2010 you have launched your signature Perfume “B” & “С” that was exclusively created for Marie Saint Pierre in Paris, can you describe the type of women who would wear “B” and “C”?

M S P:  My perfumes have been developed around layers of scents. The two scents are meant to evolve as real perfumes do. There is not a dominant note because I wanted the juices to smell different as the day progresses.


They are also evocative, they contain smell that people have a memory for: rose, violet, musk and even maple. B and C are both for a clientele who likes refined, complex and uncommon scents.


Miu K:  And whether these women are different from each other in style or character?

M S P:  B and C can be worn separately as well as together. They are also unisex but they express something very different, one is more gourmand the other is sensual.


Miu K:  Last, but not least in 2004 you have created the fund Sous Zéro that provides underprivileged kids in Montreal with all the necessary clothing during winter period, how can Montrealers make a difference and contribute to the fund?

M S P:  As of now, Sous Zero has provided 5,500 brand new suits and winter accessories to children. They are distributed by the community center Hochelaga-Maisonneuve in collaboration with schools on the island of Montreal.


Montrealers can make a donation by phone (514-527-7136) or by email at cch@cchochelaga.org. All money raised will go directly to the cause and an income tax receipt for the full amount of the donation will be issued

Miu Koridi Marie Saint Pierre

Miu Koridi Marie Saint Pierre

Miu Koridi Marie Saint Pierre

Photo: Alexandre Paskanoi – www.paskanoi.com
Make Up: Laurie Frigon – lauriefrigon.daportfolio.com
Style: Miu Koridi – facebook.com/MiuKoridi
Models DULCEDO Montreal: Masha, Alex, Melli


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