Clutches, clutches, and more clutches! How can we resist them?

If one day (God forbid) I would have to choose between the jewelry and a clutch bag, I would pick the latter.  The louder your clutch looks, the more attention it brings to your outfit, (skyscraper heels will do as well, but this post isn’t about the shoes ).

I am particularly interested in book cover clutches, not only because I like books, but I think that these type of clutches are so appealing, original and they became a trend after Olympia Le-Tan have invented them!


Miranda Kerr carries an Olympia Le-Tan Book Clutch of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel.

How cool is that? You carry your favorite classic novel where you hide your phone,  lip gloss and the rest of your evening necessities?

I am loving the latest edition of clutches from Kate Spade.

My favorite is The Great Gatsby the “Book of the Month” clutch. (I will discuss this book in my next post)


Also, I like the “Emma” and “Romeo & Juliet” book clutches.
Which one is your favorite book clutch? Would you carry this trend?

Book Cover Clutches


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