This is what happens when you bump into construction cones and you happen to wear the matching color  :) 

I’ve been biking a lot this summer, and I was even pronounced as one of the biking babes on the last IFB project, it feels great to be spotted and to be featured in the world’s largest fashion blogging community.

Hope you’re all enjoyed the weekend and shopped a lot. The summer sale is everywhere, in stores and online. My next post is going to be about my favorite items on sale and where you can buy them, stay tuned!

Have a great week!

MiuKoridi_Orange_OMG_ASOS_03 MiuKoridi_Orange_OMG_ASOS_04 MiuKoridi_Orange_OMG_ASOS_05 MiuKoridi_Orange_OMG_ASOS_06 MiuKoridi_Orange_OMG_ASOS_07 MiuKoridi_Orange_OMG_ASOS_08 MiuKoridi_Orange_OMG_ASOS_09 MiuKoridi_Orange_OMG_ASOS_10 MiuKoridi_Orange_OMG_ASOS_11

I am wearing:
Top: Twenty | Shorts: Marc Jacobs | Shoes: Tibi | Clutch: ASOS

Photos: Alexandre Paskanoi