“Fashion is essentially a game of hide and seek between seduction and privacy”.

– James Laver

Before we dress up for everybody, we wear lingerie for ourselves. Your undergarments that hide beneath are just as important as your everyday outfits. And just like the personal style that separate us from each other, we’re all have our individual preferences when we shop for sheer lingerie. Some ladies go for something sweet with ruffles, ruching and bows. Others prefer more provocative and risqué undergarments that make them feel empowered and feverishly feminine. The rest rely on practical basics like barely-there thongs and adhesive bras.

Today’s post is about my latest collaboration with Montreal lingerie label Sokoloff. 

I have picked some of my favorite items that I would wear on a daily basis.

Sofia Sokoloff is the ambitious designer behind the Sokoloff Lingerie label. Her collections describe the classic femininity with the elements of modern retro.

1. How long ago did you start to design your collection?

–  I started designing Sokoloff Lingerie in 2011. I was finishing studies in Industrial management and I previously had an experience working in the fashion industry. My goal was to create a local brand, and manage a local production in Quebec.

2. What inspires you when you design?
– Everything inspires me. Fabrics, trends, different cultures, traveling, the city and the people…
3. What type of women do you imagine wearing Sokoloff lingerie?
– A young and feminine girl who is not pretentious at all.  A girl who loves to laugh, which assumes her body. The one who lives in the city and who needs to feel comfortable in her clothes. Yet someone who likes to discover new little brands.
4. Is the collection only available in Canada? If yes in which other cities?

– I sell in Montreal, Verdun, Laval, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Magog and Toronto. I am starting distributing in Vancouver very soon.

This summer, I do a first step in the United States presenting my Spring Summer 2014 Collection. We will see what happens next….
5. Are you planning on expanding to sell online?

– I am selling online, but I don’t focus right now on my website. It is a plan to work on in the next few months.

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Photography: Alexandre Paskanoi

 Retouching: Lena Grishkova
Hair: Weena Jerome
Make Up: Nathalie Legault