Before switching up to fall wardrobe I realized that I haven’t try any tropical looks this summer. So when I found out about another IFB project, I thought it could be a perfect excuse to style my favorite H&M palm tree printed skirt.

The skirt is from last year’s H&M Water collection of Hawaiian inspired  resort wear.
I wanted to pair my tropical ruffles with an edgy piece like this muscle tee from ASOS to break up the “girly girl” look.
After all, it still says – Féminin   ;)

What do you think?



MiuKoridi_PalmPrint_02 MiuKoridi_PalmPrint_03 MiuKoridi_PalmPrint_04 MiuKoridi_PalmPrint_05 MiuKoridi_PalmPrint_06 MiuKoridi_PalmPrint_07 MiuKoridi_PalmPrint_08 MiuKoridi_PalmPrint_09 MiuKoridi_PalmPrint_10 MiuKoridi_PalmPrint_11 MiuKoridi_PalmPrint_12