Today’s post is an ode to a black leather biker jacket – a must-have of every season, the classic off-duty item of the modern wardrobe, a piece you swear by, you name it…….


The summer heat is slowing down, and it means that we can already incorporate some of the fall items into current wardrobe.

Lately I’ve been wearing this leather jacket with so many different pieces: denim cutoffs, jeans, cocktail dresses and trousers.  It is such a perfect transitional summer/fall piece.


Here’s my selection of the leather biker jackets:


I believe that investing in a good piece can go a long way, especially in a classic biker jacket (though I don’t have anything against this Zara jacketI’m suspicious that it’s becoming the next skort of the summer’13 and it just wouldn’t work for me..)

We’re all want to be original with our outfits don’t we?! ;)

As for my jacket (bought on my last trip in Paris) it will be on total repeat for the next few months. (until the first snow)

MiuKoridi_Fashion_Blog_03 MiuKoridi_Fashion_Blog_04 MiuKoridi_Fashion_Blog_05 MiuKoridi_Fashion_Blog_06 MiuKoridi_Fashion_Blog_07 MiuKoridi_Fashion_Blog_08 MiuKoridi_Fashion_Blog_09 MiuKoridi_Fashion_Blog_10 MiuKoridi_Fashion_Blog_11 MiuKoridi_Fashion_Blog_12

Feel free to share your outfits featuring the biker jackets! (Just submit your links below in comments.)