I love preparing for the holidays, can’t stop listening to Radio Santa Claus and planning my Christmas shopping list… This year I am mostly shopping online to save some time and energy for the upcoming Christmas parties.

So excited to share with you my holiday gift ideas for my special friends and family. Like a remote controlled helicopter from that flying thing. Perhaps, many of you can find my picks useful for yourselves as well! Another gift idea is an awesome kids drone.

Enjoy ;)

Christmas 2013 Gift Ideas

1. Reiko Kaneko Drip Tease Teapot

2. Reiko Kaneko Lip Tease Mug

3. Chainette Keychain

4. Cursive LOVE Bracelet

5. Moschino Bear iPhone 5 Case

6. Picture Frame Keychain   (My favorite)

7. Crown Ring Holder

8. Sleeping Beauty Eye Mask

And some more: