Needless to complain how cold it is outside…. Winter just is giving us another excuse to escape to some place warm and sunny… And while some of the lucky ones are sunbaking their buns and indulging in sweet margaritas (how I wish), many are still facing the issue of what to wear to brave the ruthless weather conditions.

One thing to remember – LAYERS! You can never go wrong with experimenting and layering cozy winter knits, plaid shirts, fleece-lined tights, warm winter socks, and comfortable (stylish) boots. I have a number of colorful beanies in different textures and shapes, which I love to change depending on my outfit. (one of my favorite things)

But if for some reasons, you don’t have to leave your home and you still want to have your own party, may I suggest putting on your favorite lingerie, pour a glass of wine and crawl under your blanket to watch a movie. Perhaps you’ll want to review “Jaws” to unwind your thoughts about the polar vortex issue and convince yourself that home is still a better place ;)



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