Instagram is one of my favorite applications that use on a daily basis to post cool pics of my outfits and other interesting finds I want to share with the world. However, this is not the only reason I love using my Instagram account. I have discovered so many stylish and talented people around the world (bloggers, fashion designers, photographers and stylists) that I follow for personal motivation and inspiration.

Recently I stumbled across an interesting account of a very creative portraitist and illustrator Natalia Vasilyeva.

Natalia lives in Moscow, Russia and her artworks are recognizable all over the world.  I decided to share her story and some of her illustrations with you on my blog.


How long ago did you start illustration?

–  I started two years ago. To be honest, as far as I remember, I was always “drawing in my dreams”, but two years ago my dreams became a reality when I joined the art courses. I don’t have a specific art education, I graduated  in legal education and economics, however, I always felt that drawing was my vocation.

In one of the articles about you I read that you derive your inspiration in retro and vintage illustration. Which illustrators encourage you to create your artworks?

– Some of the fashion illustrators that I like are David Downton and Robert Best the Mattel designer responsible for the Barbie’s fabulous looks. I think it’s impossible not to get inspired by Robert’s sketches.

 Let’s talk about fashion! What kind of influence does it have on you?

– It’s very simple. I love fashion as much as I love drawing! My favorite brands are Chanel, Burberry, Prada, Miu Miu, J.Crew (for more casual style), I also have a few works from Chanel series, but to be honest I still prefer to wear these brands rather than just drawing them. I know that it’s very popular today to illustrate purses, shoes and perfumes, but I still consider myself more as a portraitist than an illustrator.


How important are the details when you sketch your portraits?

– Each portrait consists of parts of details and they are the most essential segments for the illustration. Sometimes it’s not that easy to patiently to draw every single detail when you sketch a particular portrait… Yet I still work  on every segment to make my drawings perfect and flawless, because I would rather do it perfectly or don’t do it at all.

How often do you draw the popular models, actresses and bloggers? Do you feel inspired by their personal style?

– Perhaps I would disappoint you if I say that not every girl that I draw inspires me in a particular way, instead I choose beautiful photographs of the pretty girls whose faces are impossible not to draw. However, there are some girls whose fashion sense can relate to my personal style and I enjoy drawing them as well. There are so many nice people out there that I just want to draw!

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Do you have any favorite methods for drawing? Do you prefer aquarelle, pencil, markers or pastel?

– I draw with aquarelle and pastel pencils Faber Castell and Prismacolor as well as the soft Panpastel. I also use aquarelle and oil paint, but I still prefer pencils and pastel.

And do you have a particular drawing style that would separate you from other portraitists and illustrators?

– I would name my style a “Realistic Beauty”, I always want to depict everything better and more beautiful than it is in reality. To be honest, every style develops over the time, and one must always aspire to better results.

As my teacher used to say: “In order to learn how to draw, you must draw all your life!”


You can order original artworks by Natalia Vasilyeva by email: 

The portraits are shipped worldwide and they come with a frame and original stamp by the artist. 


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