Perhaps some of you already know the great reason I was not posting my outfit pictures as often as I used to.

Two weeks ago we welcomed our beautiful son to the world and it was the most wonderful and life changing experience. I decided to keep my pregnancy under wraps until that special day when I finally meet my son and share the big news with my friends and followers.


I really missed posting my photos even though I still took some from time to time. I also didn’t give up on spoiling myself and shopped for maternity clothes online. I love how maternity style has evolved ever since our moms were pregnant. Today women can maintain their beauty standards, and they don’t have to give up their style to be comfortable during their pregnancy. Check out the Atlanta Parent magazine for some great maternity tips. There are many chic and breezy wardrobe essentials to make you feel and look beautiful during your pregnancy. And I want to share some of the brands and online boutiques where you can shop for maternity clothes.

Pregnancy is time of great physical and emotional change for women and it is really beautiful what our bodies are capable of during and after the nine months of pregnancy.

I didn’t shop for for maternity clothes during the first five months, except for some oversized cut tees and cozy classic button-down shirts to hide my growing belly. But I couldn’t wait to stock up on beautiful wardrobe essentials from Hatch Maternity. Their pieces are wonderful and you can always wear them after your pregnancy, which is perfect considering that not everyone can feet into their skinny jeans immediately after delivery ;)

J.Crew is famous for their maternity Minnie and Pixie pants. I loved how they fit. You can find them here

Because I was pregnant during the winter, it was easier to dress up in layers, but for those of you who are planning or is already pregnant this Summer, here are some of the cute maternity pieces from Shopbop and ASOS that I would recommend.

During this exciting time I’ve learned a lot of interesting things about pregnancy. And if you have any questions regarding the maternity style, shopping, special care products, beauty secrets and advises I will be more than happy to share with you everything I know.

Wishing everyone a beautiful week!


Photos: Alexandre Paskanoi