To be honest, I was never a fan of diaper bags, even if it’s a luxury brand it s still looks like you are carrying a bunch of diapers. I’d rather carry a beach bag!

I often put my baby stuff in my Madewell backpack whenever I head to an event or a doctor’s appointment. (Mine is sold out but this one is cute) (Love this one as well!)


Ever since I became a mom it felt like I plunged into my own childhood… Whenever I see a cute item or an accessory with a quirky print  I have to have it! ( I’m sure that baby would approve) ;)

I just heard of this cool collaboration of Longchamp and Jeremy Scott, and I am so in love with this dreamy limited edition  “Humpty Dumpty” print Le Pliage Neo bag.

The print is a mix of rabbits, elephants, mushrooms, tortoises that takes us back to the world of childhood. It’s totally regressive, but highly creative!

Now, that is one cool bag to fill in with clean diapers! WHAT A TREAT!

This new “Humpty Dumpty” limited edition with extravagant motifs will be on sale exclusively at
Colette, Paris, from May 1, 2015, and available in Longchamp points of sale from June 1, 2015.